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Datu Luwu (Perempuan)

Suasana duka di Istana Luwu atas wafatnya Datu' We Kambo Daeng Risompa,
di Palopo, Tahun 1935 (Dok: armin)

Formerly one of the most prominent
Bugis states of Celebes in Middle-Sulawesi

Datu Maoge
She was the 15th ruler and married to Batara Guru and succeeded by her daughter.
Pajung e-ri Luwu Opunna Rawe
The daughter of Datu Maoge, she married Datu Balubu.
Pajung e-ri Luwu Fatima Batara Tongke
Succeeded father, Muhammad Muizuddin To Palaguna, and she was succeeded by the daughter of her father's sister.
Pajung e-ri Luwu Batari Toja
She succeeded her relative, Fatima, and since she had no children, she was succeeded by Fatima's daughter, We Tenrileleang Aisyah Bahjatuddin.
Pajung e-ri Luwu We Tenrileleang Aisyah Bahjatuddin
From 1747
Datuk of Tanette
From 1751
Pajung e-ri Luwu Petta Matinroe ri Kaluku Bodoe
Pajung e-ri Luwu We Tenriawaru
She succeeded Abdullah La Tenripappang, and married Adatuang La Paonrowang of Soppeng (1782-1820).
Pajung e-ri Luwu Datuk Opu Anrong Guru (MatinroE-ri-Tamalulu)
She succeeded her nephew, Abdul Karim To Barue.
Pajung e-ri Luwu Andi We Kambo Opu Daeng Risompa
Succeeded father Iskandar Aru Larompang, and was the last traditionally installed ruler. Until around 1905 she was in opposition to the Ducth rule. The name given to her after her death was Matinroe/Matinrowe ri Limpomajang, and the last word indicates the place of her death. Her son, Andi Jemma Barue, was the last ruler of Luwu, Andi Jemma Barue (1936-46/49-59/60).

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